Western Show Clothing by Lisa Nelle

New Limited Edition Styles!

November 30 2018

We're thrilled to introduce our latest Limited Edition styles -- the Slate Sand Elegance Show Jacket, the Maryanna All Day Jacket, and the Jewel Feathers All Day Shirt.

Slate Sand Elegance Show Jacket XXS-5X

This jacket is another gorgeous addition to our line of Elegance style jackets.  Sand and slate gray pearl embellishments combine beautifully with sparkling clear crystals in this neutral palette. The detailing is highly intricate, while the overall look is simple, sophisticated and classic. This jacket is versatile and can be tucked in or left out. From showmanship to trail we LOVE this classic, limited edition style.

This jacket is elegance perfected. We're obsessed with this look. Covered in clear crystals, the swirling details are feminine and flattering. You really can't go wrong with this one. The finished hem is ideal for both riding and in-hand classes. Perfect for all day wear from showmanship to pleasure.

Jewel Feathers All Day Shirt XS-4X

This richly saturated print features deep jewel tones in a flattering vertical feather design. Amethyst, sapphire, emerald -- these hues pair beautifully with any horse. The weight of our luxury fabric and high end tailoring methods make this the perfect choice for all day wear. Looks great out as a jacket or tucked-in. Pair with black or navy! We love this for trail, reining, western riding, showmanship, ranch horse, barrels and pleasure.

Our limited editions are just that -- limited -- meaning we don't make a ton of them and they tend to sell out quickly. We're a small business making small batches one at a time, by hand, in our studio. Check out our entire Limited Edition collection here: Lisa Nelle Limited Editions.

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