Western Show Clothing by Lisa Nelle

Free magical fibers with every purchase!

April 21 2020

Despite my best attempts you’ll likely receive a few magical fibers with your new piece of show clothing. I often see people listing items from a ‘smoke and pet free’ home. Yes, my home is smoke free but “pet free”? Not so much.
I’ve been a black lab loyalist since the start of my business. Black is the most popular color for our jackets so a black dog was the easy choice. Two years ago, I was gifted two of the fluffiest potatoes who shed like crazy! I brush, I have an air purifier but it’s a losing battle. At first, I kept these hair bombs in a separate room, but we missed each other. So now Cinnabun and Grayworm work right alongside me.
Lucky for you, and me, the chickens are kept outside.
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