Western Show Clothing by Lisa Nelle

The dreaded "Show Ring Twin."

February 18 2016

A lot of thought goes into choosing the perfect show outfit. Colors that complement your horse, appropriate fit and style for your event, not to mention what looks amazing on you. Just don't forget: What will everyone else NOT be wearing?

This last part of the show outfit equation is the hardest to control, especially if don't go for a totally custom jacket. No one wants to run into her "twin" at a show, but what are your options when a custom made western show jacket just doesn't fit your timeline or cost budget?

We totally get it.

In fact, our design process centers around creating one-of-a-kind (OOAK) and limited edition pieces to avoid just this scenario. Designing for every size and budget means that we have amazing original designs ready for you to choose from, but without the time and expense of custom. And limited edition and OOAK pieces will definitely keep you far away from your evil "twin."

One-of-a-Kind Jackets
Our OOAK jackets are the very next best thing to having a jacket custom designed. These extra special designs can be found nowhere else and will never be recreated in exactly the same way. You will feel confident and look stunning in a Lisa Nelle OOAK.


Lisa Nelle One of a Kind Western Show Jacket

We create our OOAK designs in all colors and sizes. Plus, the ability to customize the sleeve length on many pieces adds to the couture experience. But as you can imagine, our OOAK pieces sell as quickly as we can make them. So if you see your dream jacket in your size — go for it!

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Limited Edition Jackets
At Lisa Nelle Limited Edition really means limited edition — we only create a handful of jackets in these designs (often times just one in each size). With buyers from all around the world our Limited Editions are literally spread across the globe. In addition to the U.S., our customers show in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the U.K. and more.

Limited Edition Lisa Nelle Show Apparel


Keep in mind that different body types, horse breeds and saddle blankets will also give a jacket a whole new look. So even in the rare chance that the same limited edition shows up nearby, it's very unlikely she'll be your exact "twin" in the show ring.

Just like our OOAK jackets, our Limited Edition creations are in-stock and ready to ship. So as soon as you find your dream jacket it can be in your hands in no time.

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