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High-Quality and Affordable? Yes, Please!

January 17 2020

One of the things we take pride in is that our line encompasses all budgets and sizes. At the end of last year we focused all of our energy on creating over-the-top crystal-covered one-of-a-kind designs. While beautiful, we recognize these do not fit into everyone's show budget. So now, to start out the year, we're focusing on stocking classic, budget-friendly styles in a range of sizes. These new "cuff and collar" designs are each one-of-a-kind, ready to ship, and affordable, starting at $295.


Royal Copper All Day Jacket 1X & Green-Aqua AB-Blue All Day Jacket M/L
Each $295


What can you get for $295?

Shopping elsewhere you'll find plenty of options in this price range...each one mass produced and of questionable quality. Or even worse, a knock-off of a legitimate designer's work.

Here's the Lisa Nelle difference: We make each and every one of our garments in our studio. Our garments are made in America and made by women, in a safe and ethical work environment with fair wages. We are not outsourcing our work. So what does this mean? It means we have the ability to take our time creating these pieces, which results in an extremely high attention to detail. It also means that each of us is working closely with the garment as it goes through each step of production, so we are intimately involved in the process and can catch and correct any oversights.


Golden Topaz All Day Jacket 1X/2X & Whiskey and Teal All Day Jacket 2X/3X
Each $295


The other benefit of making our own garments is that everything you see available for purchase on our website is actually ready to ship. While we can't exactly compete with Amazon, we do ship really fast, because we don't want to keep you waiting for your dream jacket! When we finish a new style, it gets photographed in-studio and listed on our website pretty much immediately. We do everything ourselves which means we're not dependent on anyone else's schedules, and we can list new items year-round so there's always something new available. Order something from us, and you'll have it in your hands within a few days, not a few months.

I've touched on this topic before, but as a reminder, buying knock-offs is supporting thieves. Our industry is being flooded with poorly made copies, and the reason is that people are buying them. Most of us western show clothing designers are running very small businesses. If folks continue purchasing knock-offs there won't be any designers left to steal from! To have your art stolen and shoddily reproduced is bad enough, but to know there's a market eager and ready to put money in their pockets really adds insult to injury, especially when there are other affordable options available.


Iridescent All Day Jacket XS/S & Golden Crystal All Day Jacket XS
Each $295


Smart shopping means getting the most for your money. For $295 you can shop elsewhere and get a mass-produced, low-quality garment, made who knows where. Or for $295 you can receive a beautiful, high quality, completely original one-of-a-kind Lisa Nelle jacket made with love.

As always, we're forever grateful to our loyal customer base for your support of our work. We love making these designs for you and we do our very best to offer something for all of you. We look forward to working with you in 2020!

To browse many more affordable options, head on over to our shop: lisanelle.com




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