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Western Show Clothes Design Requests

March 03 2016

As you may have read in our recent post about avoiding your “show ring twin,” investing in a one-of-a-kind or limited edition jacket from Lisa Nelle is the perfect way to create a unique look without the cost of custom design. Total win-win!

Did you know we take design requests?

Love one of our jackets, but need different colors? Found the perfect jacket in the wrong size? Prefer a vest vs. a jacket? Let us know and we’ll do our very best to create a design using your favorite colors or design a similar jacket in your size.

Our design request process allows you to get your dream jacket without the time and cost investment of a custom couture piece. Plus, there’s no obligation to purchase the final piece, since we'll be using our standard size patterns and existing embellishments.

Here is a perfect example of a design request. Our client loved our new denim blue embellishments, but was looking for a vest. We were happy to create a vest in her size using the embellishments she wanted.

Western Show Clothes Design Request

How the design request process works:

  • Email us and let us know you want to make a design request (be sure to include a link to, photo or description of the reference jacket)
  • If we have the materials on hand, we’ll start working on a one-of-a-kind design based on your request.
  • We’ll email you a link to purchase as soon as it's listed on our website with the rest of our inventory. And since there is no deposit required, you have no obligation to buy the piece if you don’t love it!

Make a design request »

Keep in mind:

  • Design requests do not require a deposit and therefore are NOT reserved for specific customers. There is no obligation to buy the garment, but we also cannot guarantee it won't be purchased by another customer.
  • Design requests only include our standard stock sizes. You can learn more about our sizing here »
  • Our ability to accommodate your request depends on our available materials. We cannot source out-of-stock or special order material/embellishments for design requests.
  • The design request process does not include any sketches, photos or feedback before completion. We will use our discretion for the final design.
  • We will never recreate an existing one-of-a-kind design exactly, this is what makes our jackets so special. But we will take into consideration the colors and design you reference in your request. Basically, if you love the reference jacket we’re confident you’ll also love what we create for your request.
  • And finally, we do reserve the right to refuse a design request.


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